Zoey Carter

Zoey Carter, США, Seattle

Биография Zoey

Zoey Carter проживает в городе Seattle, США. Родной город - Seattle. Рождена в год Тигра по китайскому гороскопу, знак зодиака Девы. В настоящий момент Zoey 25 лет, не замужем. Из открытых источников получены следующие сведения: информация о среднем образовании, родственниках.

Страна: США
Город: Seattle
Родной город: Seattle
Возраст: 25 лет
Дата рождения: 22 сентября 1998
Знак зодиака: Девы, год Тигра
Семейное положение: не состоит в браке, не замужем

Zoey пишет о себе

Hi there. I am Zoey Carter, at least that is what my parents called me. Trying to be "American", but that name is so stupidly common. I let myself being called "Anastasia", like my grandmother whenever possible. I grew up and live in Seattle and I also go to highschool here. I live together with my father, who owns a car shop, my mother, who stays at home and with my 6 siblings. Most of the times they are annoying though, just because I don't like to "fit in"...You dress different, insist on wearing heavy makeup...and you are the target of pranks. My grand-dad immigrated to America from St. Petersburg. I am an outsider in school (senior year of high school), which of course means being bullied and getting pranked, but they are all just so stupid and boring. No one with a deep mind. So I stick to myself, my books, my dresses, my photos and my few real friends. I don't have a boyfriend, but I am searching for the one right guy. And I have sworn to only open myself for the right one. Though I am not sure if I ever find someone willing to accept me like I am. It is hard at home, my mom is pretty protective and expects us to behave all the time. If we don't, we are punished. Unfortunately she prefers believing my smaller sisters and brothers first when in doubt and then I get the blame. Also I hate wearing pants, those are for guys. I only wear nice female dresses and whenever I can corsets. They just make such a good shape. I also enjoy wearing pretty bows in my hair, as they give me plenty of pretty options with my wonderful hair. What else...I am in a pretty good shape and besides two small medical conditions, I normally am able to handle, I am totally fine. If my mom would find out, she probably would insist on handling it herself all the time, but luckily she doesn't read here. I am also lucky in that my Family leaves me completely alone while in my room. It gives me the privacy I really need.


Playing the violin and the cello (I practice every day), reading, writing short stories, writing poems, roleplaying, listening to music, having photos taken, painting to express my inner soul, and the wonderful art of Calligraphy


* Фактический адрес проживания определен с точностью до города: США, штат Вашингтон, Seattle.

Среднее образование:


Adrian Carter, дедушка/бабушка
Anastasia Markonov, дедушка/бабушка
Andrea, брат/сестра
Constantine, брат/сестра
Dimitry Markonov, дедушка/бабушка
Ekaterina Carter, отец/мать
Eleonora Carter, дедушка/бабушка
Francine, брат/сестра
Franklin Carter, отец/мать
John, брат/сестра
Kelly, брат/сестра
Paul, брат/сестра

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